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Integrated Analytical Systems

Make Tess-Com Inc. your preferred choice for state-of-the-art integrated analytical systems. We set ourselves apart from the competition because we pay close attention to your unique needs and offer on-the-fly troubleshooting. In addition, we provide complete in-house fabrication in Middlesex, NJ. Our specific systems include:

Integrated Analysis System Product One

Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)

We have systems that use dry extraction or dilution to measure NOx, SO2, CO, THC, HF, H2O, O2, HCL, and NH3 flow and opacity. In addition, our CEM systems meet all federal clean air regulations involving sample probing, reporting, and more.

Process Measuring

Tess-Com Inc. helps clients in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and steel industries by providing online THC, O2, H2S, CO2, and physical property measurements. Tess-Com Inc. specializes in manufacturing difficult sample handling and conditioning systems.

Water Quality Analysis

Our company has integrated analytical systems providing measurements for utility feedwater, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, and other related applications. These systems can also check pH, conductivity, ORP, sodium, silica, and chlorine levels and conduct sample conditioning and polishing.

Ambient Air

Turn to Tess-Com Inc. for innovative systems that measure criteria air pollutants (e.g., particulates, lead, etc.) and meteorological parameters. We also have data acquisition systems using analyzers approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Our ambient air systems can be configured in racks, cubicles, wall-mounted boxes, or weatherproof shelters.

Engine Analysis

Count on us for integrated analytical systems that help you measure THC, CO, CO2, NOX, SO2, and O2 in gasoline and heavy-duty diesel engine exhausts. Rest assured that our systems meet federal regulations for exhaust analysis.

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Integrated Analysis System Product Two