Tess-Com Inc.

An Established Analytical Systems Integrator

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience

A Trusted Partner in Analytical Systems Integration

With extensive experience in analytical systems integration, Tess-Com Inc. is your go-to provider for all your process analyzer system needs. We have successfully completed challenging application and integration tasks through our flexibility and on-the-fly troubleshooting capabilities. 

Our staff has over 40 years of industry experience and has unmatched expertise in various forms of integration, including ambient air monitoring and water quality analysis. We take pride in designing and fabricating all styles of integrated systems in-house. This allows us to maintain complete control over the quality of our products, ensuring they meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Inside the TCI

Meeting Industry Needs

Our comprehensive range of integrated systems caters to various sectors, providing reliable and accurate results for critical applications. From environmental monitoring to industrial process control, our solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and productivity. 

Additionally, our attention to detail and commitment to excellence guarantees an end product that meets your exact requirements. 

Why Choose Us

Tess-Com Inc. stands out from the competition for several reasons:  

  • We handle the manufacturing of all our integrated systems, allowing us to maintain a high level of quality control. 
  • We have designed and fabricated integrated systems of all styles, capable of fulfilling the diverse needs of various industries. 
  • We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership. Our team makes sure that our end products exceed client expectations. 

Choose Tess-Com Inc. for your analytical systems integration needs and experience reliable solutions and exceptional service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you. 

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